Study Help Essay Questions

1. Mrs. Newsome never actually appears in the novel. What devices does James employ to make her presence and influence felt throughout the narrative? 2. Various critics have seen Strether’s rejection of Maria Gostrey at the end of the novel as a defect in Strether’s character. Attack or defend Strether’s […]

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Henry James Biography

Henry James has been called the first of the great psychological realists in our time. Honored as one of the greatest artists of the novel, he is also regarded as one of America’s most influential critics and literary theorists. During the fifty years of his literary career, which spanned the […]

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Character Analysis Jim Popock

Jim Pocock, husband of Sarah Pocock and brother to Mamie Pocock, represents the typical American businessman of the times: “Small and fat and constantly facetious, straw-colored and destitute of marks, he would have been practically indistinguishable hadn’t his constant preference for light-grey clothes, for white hats, for very big cigars […]

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